These Are The Days!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — Sept. 28, 2009:

You will no longer have to wait for the manifestation of My presence, says the Lord. For these are the days in which I shall come and touch. These are the days in which I shall come and breathe upon you. These are the days that I shall come and release My people from the bondages of the enemy. For there is a cry going forth across the land; the cry of My Spirit; the cry of My voice. Listen and you shall hear. Watch and see and you shall know for I am about to perform in this land and among My people the greatest manifestation of My glory that ever has been seen on this earth. In the days of old they watched for the fire upon the tent; in those days they watched for the cloud. In these days you will watch for the manifest presence of the Holy One and the breath of the Spirit shall come upon you and move you as the wind of His glory; into the fullness of His purposes. For I the Lord God have not forgotten My people.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — Sept. 28, 2009:

Refuse to allow fear or worry to keep you from My blessings, says the Lord. Quiet your soul and be resolute in belief that I am bringing complete restoration to every area of your life. Do not doubt or be double-minded. Stand strong and unwavering in your faith, for I will do all that I have promised.

Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

One may have awakened this morning.  One may have begun to prepare the bathroom.  The dog may have come in and whined to let one know, he had to go potty.  One may have stopped cleaning to take the dog out.

One may have come back in and was running behind schedule.  One began to clean again.  For some reason one may have let the dog stay in the bathroom.  One may have begun one’s praise and worship, while continuing to clean the bathroom.  One confessed one’s sins and thanked the Lord.  The dog may have wanted to be pet and rubbed occasionally, during this time.

It may have been exactly 4:00 AM, the dog whined again to go outside.  One thought it odd and did not want to go, yet one knew that the dog needed to be taken care of right then.  One opened the door and proceeded out of the bathroom with the dog.

As soon as one entered the living room area, one saw the fish bowl with fish supplies inside, lying on the floor.  One noticed that the metal shelving on the stand for the fish tank had been lifted and the stand was in danger of collapsing.  One hurriedly put the metal shelf back in place, securing the fish tank.  If the fish tank had fallen, the result would have been disastrous.

One wondered if what one saw had been done by the cats.  It may have seemed quite odd that the cats could or would lift this metal shelf.  One wondered, “Who did this?”

One may have put two Gallon water jugs on the shelving to secure it.  Thanks Lord for leading one out of the bathroom.

One may have taken the dog out again.  One may have come back in and finished one’s special time with the Lord by speaking in tongues.  One may have come out a little early and finished speaking in tongues on the sofa until 4:30 AM.