Deliberately Renew Your Mind!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — October 1, 2009:

Allow the water of My Word to wash away all defilement of flesh and spirit. Let me cleanse you and release you into the power of a new day. Deliberately renew your mind, and let go of all ungodly and destructive mindsets. Rise up in faith and renewed hope as you release the past and prepare to move ahead. Refuse to allow the enemy to destroy your confidence by making you feel condemned. Overcome the flesh, and walk in the Spirit, says the Lord.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.

One may have missed one’s prayer time in the early morning hours due to exhaustion.  One may have gone to Emergency at a local hospital, to have one’s left ankle checked out last night.  One thought that one could possibly have a blood clot.

While at the hospital, one may have had x-rays and an ultrasound done.  The final diagnosis was a hairline fracture.  Wow!  One may have heard this with disbelief.  How did one get injured?

One may have been taken out of work because of the injury.  One may believe that one may not return to this job.  Weeks ago, one may have been led to clean out one’s locker and take all one’s belongings home.

This job may have been chosen for one by Jesus.  He sent one to this place for His purpose.  This place was one’s cross.  One has been humbled, broken and brought very low.  The work may have been very difficult and physically taxing.  One’s degree and industry experience meant absolutely nothing in this place.

The Lord had to supernaturally heal one over and over again of many ailments and injuries, such as: carpal tunnel, allergic reaction to latex gloves, unexplained knee pain, twice and more.  He would heal one of injuries or ailments unrelated to one’s job, such as: migraines, burns, colds, flu and more.  He healed one’s family members as well as one’s co-workers, supernaturally.  He even set one up to pray for individuals occasionally as one ran one’s errands.

Recently, the Lord has decreased one’s days at this job through circumstances.  First one went down from five to four days per week, then three, then two, respectively.  One may have been scheduled to work Saturday, 10/03 only, as of 09/26.  Now one may not be able to work at all, due to this new injury.

One knew this assignment would end someday and that one’s time there was temporary.  One began this job assignment on 11/16/2007.  The pay may have been very little and one had to learn to depend and lean on Jesus not knowing when the end would come.  One may have been required by the Lord to walk daily, to one’s job this entire time.  When one got the pain in one’s ankle, one may have driven to work; walking was not an option.  One may have been in pain over the last two months.

Jesus has kept one’s family throughout this time; it has not been easy.  We have gone through many storms and through them; our faith has been increased.  One may have recently asked for prayer for one’s ankle through various individuals and avenues; nothing helped.  One knew that God was saying, “Go to the hospital,” yet one did not want to go.  One thought that whatever the problem was, Jesus could heal one  just like He may have done many times before.  One thought, well maybe one is suppose to pray for someone at the hospital.

One prepared oneself for this adventure, reluctantly.  When one arrived in the parking lot for the emergency room patients only, there may have been just one parking space left.  Thank you Jesus!  One may have checked in and sat down in the midst of others.

One may have noticed a girl in a wheel chair.  The individual may have looked ill and tired.  They may have had on a mask.  One did not say anything.

One may have confessed most of one’s sins while driving to the hospital.  One finished confessing one’s sins silently in one’s mind, while waiting.

One may have brought a book, “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” by Prophet John Paul Jackson.  One opened the book and began to read.  One would look up occasionally, and in the direction of the girl but focused on the Television.  One may not have cared about the television program; one may have been drawn to this individual.  One did not say anything.  One would catch the individual occasionally eyeing one also.

The nurse called one in to get one’s vital signs, check one’s blood pressure and to find out one’s pain level.  A blood clot is serious and the hospital staff may have attended to one, very quickly.

After this initial check up, one may have gone back to one’s seat.  The girl may have been there.  One sat down.  Shortly thereafter, the girl asked one the time.  One may have answered the individual.  One may have asked them if they were okay.  The individual may have said no.  One asked what was wrong.  They may have said that they had been sick for at least a month and that they were weak, their stomach and head hurt.  One asked if anyone was with them, they may have said no.  One asked if they drove.  They said that they had not; a neighbor had dropped them off.  They said they had been sitting there a long time waiting to be seen.

One got out of one’s chair and went and knelt down beside them.  One began to share how Jesus had healed one and others supernaturally.  One told the individual that one had prayed and had some mighty people pray for one and God had not healed one this time.  One told them that one believed that God sent one there for a reason. One asked the individual their name.  The individual may have said “Laura.”  One did not catch their last name.  Just then, one’s name was called.  One said that one was going to pray for them and left.

While sitting in one’s hospital room, one lifted this individual up in prayer.  One may believe that God sent one to intercede on their behalf.  One prayed for God’s will to be done for all the other individuals who were in the emergency department as well.  One may have witnessed to a medical student also.

One may have been discharged with instructions to follow up with the hospital Orthopedic Clinic and a doctor’s excuse for one’s job.  As one walked through the hospital emergency waiting room, all the individuals who had been there earlier may have been gone.  There may have been about four individuals there, none of them seemed sick.  One did not recognize any of them.  Lord, thanks for attending to those who were there earlier.

One may have arrived home from the hospital after 1:00 AM and fell asleep around 1:30 AM.  One may have set one’s alarm for 3:00 AM.  The alarm may have gone off, one turned it off and went back to sleep.

One may remember waking and looking at the clock, it may have been 4:12 AM.  One went back to sleep.

One may have decided to praise the Lord this morning.  One went into one’s daughter’s bathroom at 8:12 AM.  One praised the Lord with song, thanked Him, confessed one’s sins, prayed for the sick and finished with speaking in tongues until 9:12 AM.

Thank you Jesus, one may not have seen these events coming.  Thank you Lord, for being so awesome!