I Am Coming Soon and Very Soon, Says The Lord Of Glory!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — October 5, 2009:

Indeed heaven’s sound is coming to the earth. It shall be even as I have spoken in the past, says the Lord God.  Hear the sound of My voice, the sound of the horses hooves in the heavenly places, and the sound of the wind rushing through the wings of the eagles. For it is time, says the Lord, for My intervention in mankind. It is time for My power to be released over religious duty and religious exercise. It is time for the power of the kingdom of God to come forth among My chosen ones. It is the time that I will bring great favor to My people.  It is time in this season to bring the power of the prophetic word to a higher and a deeper level than ever it has been before. So rejoice, and I say rejoice again and continue to rejoice for the manifest presence of the kingdom of God is about to invade the land. If you will listen closely, even now, you could begin to hear the sound of it. For many of you have been in a time of transition, but you are now coming into fulfillment of that transition as you move to higher spiritual realms. These things will  point you to this one thing — I am coming soon and very soon, says the Lord of Glory. I shall step out on the clouds of glory and I shall call you forth. In the meantime I would have you enjoy a little heaven right here on earth, a heavenly presence, the glory of the manifestation of God Almighty. I would have you in this day and in this hour to become children who are hungry and waiting at the Master’s feet to be fed. I would have you to rise up in faith and say, ‘peace be still’ to the storms of life. I would have you to understand that you belong to Me and because you belong to Me I belong to you and you have My favor, which is like a cloud of My presence that comes over you. So, walk in the anticipation and the hope and excitement of that which I am about to do. If you do, you will see the greatest glory every presented to a people, says the Lord.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — October 5, 2009:

I am establishing you, My people, in a spiritual Goshen. It is a place of safety and provision for those who are obedient to My word and those who stay in the flow of My Spirit, says the Lord. Your part is to maintain honesty and integrity as well as to be good stewards of what you’ve been given. Then, I will pour out My mercy, favor and grace, and I will give you wisdom and direct your steps. Go forth in the power of My blessings.

Psalms 27:13 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed That I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living.

The alarm went off at 3:00 AM.  One may have gotten up and added a gallon more of water to the fish tank; one may have cleaned it the previous day.

One may have gone into the bathroom to prepare for one’s special time with the Lord.  One may have come out to check the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.  It may have been 3:34 AM.  Oops!  One may have been late for one’s special time with the Lord.

One actually started one’s praise and worship session at 3:41 AM.  One may have sang songs, confessed one’s sins, thanked the Lord and prayed for the sick.  One may have finished with speaking in tongues.

Afterwards, one may have asked the Lord if there was anything He’d like to say.  One may have set one’s alarm on one’s phone for 5:45 AM.  When one finished, one left the bathroom and went back to sleep.

One may have gone to the Department of Social Services this morning to get assistance for anything they would give one.  One may need to cover one’s medical expenses as well as receive financial help.  One may not have a current income.  Although one may have a degree and experience in one’s field, one cannot return.  The Lord supernaturally shut all doors and took one away from all the things that had become one’s gods.  One must wait on the Lord.

While at the Department of Social Services, one ran into an individual who one may have remembered from their elder sister.  One may have sat next to the individual and engaged in conversation.  Another individual joined in.  Through the conversations, one learned that the individual who had joined in, father had been hospitalized due to an asthma attack.  The individual’s father may have had two asthma attacks within one week.  One offered to pray for their father and began to share what Jesus had done in one’s life.  Another individual whom one may know came and sat with us and just listened in on the testimonies.  Thank you Jesus for allowing one to glorify your name in this place.

One’s appointment went very well with no incidences.  Lord, one may know that you were with one today and blessed one.  It was too easy.  Thank you Jesus!  One’s immediate needs were taken care of today.  One may have another appointment on the 10/14/09.  Thank you Jesus!