Set Your Will To Conquer, Says The Lord!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — October 7, 2009:

Beloved, refuse to allow frustration to hinder your progress. Calm yourself and quiet your soul, and allow Me to bring you through every challenge in peace. Obstacles will literally melt away if you will just trust Me to undertake as you pray your way through. I will give you strength to accomplish all that is before you and the wisdom that you need to surmount every obstruction and clear every hurdle. Be strong and set your will to conquer, says the Lord.

Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

One’s alarm may have gone off this morning.  One may have gone to the computer to put in the previous day’s blog message.  One had started it the previous night but became tired and went to sleep.

One arrived in the bathroom just minutes before one’s start time.  One began to clean the bathroom.  At 3:30 AM, one continued to clean and began to praise the Lord as well.  One confessed one’s sins and prayed for the sick.  The alarm went off, it was 4:30 AM.  Wow!

During this time, one could not help but think of the abridged book and testimony, “Baptized By Blazing Fire!”  by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim.  This testimony may have been so awesome.

One may now realize that closing one’s eyes while speaking in tongues is appropriate.  Actually, the demons may have tried to get the individuals in this testimony to open their eyes.  Somehow this weakens prayer.  Thank you Jesus!  No more praying with eyes open while speaking in tongues!  When one learned to speak in tongues, one may have been led to believe that it was the Holy Spirit and that one’s actions, had nothing to do with this Holy out pouring of the Spirit.  Wrong!  The Lord opened their spiritual eyes and when they opened their natural eyes, they could not see in the Spirit, it broke their concentration.

Also, one may feel inadequate, stingy and ungrateful in one’s prayer time with the Lord, especially after reading this new testimony.  All one can think of during these prayer sessions is, “When will it be over” or how tired one may feel during these prayer sessions.

One did not look at the time last night.  One thought about it, but resisted the urge.  An hour five nights a week is not much at all.  Please forgive me Lord Jesus!

One may have been praying for the Lord to teach one, spiritual warfare.  Baptized by Blazing Fire may be part of the answer to this prayer.  The Lord may have led one to another amazing source recently, Deliverance Ministry Blog which may record testimonies from both those in the deliverance ministry and those getting delivered.

“Baptize By Blazing Fire!” is filled with much more than what one has mentioned. One may like to purchase the book very soon.

Thank you Lord Jesus!