Victory Is To The Overcomer!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — October 29, 2009:

Victory is to the overcomer; it is not something that comes to you automatically or without effort. You have to seize it, take it by force. It is success in the struggle. I tell you this so that you will not take the position of a powerless victim. I have called you to be overcomers, conquerors, triumphant in all things. Refuse to allow the enemy to victimize you. Rise up and take your rightful position, says the Lord.

Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

One may have awakened around midnight.  One may have read some more of “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” by proven prophet, John Paul Jackson.

One’s stomach may have been hurting and one’s right foot and ankle were swollen.  One may have a few scratches on one’s right foot caused by one’s cat and wondered if this caused the swelling.  One’s left foot may still be in a cast.

One decided to go back to sleep so that one would not repeat the previous day’s events of becoming super tired and unproductive toward the end of one’s prayer time with the Lord as well as being very tired while praying for outstanding prayer requests on a particular website.

When one awakened, it was after 5:30 AM.  One had slept through one’s appointed prayer time.  One did not hear the alarm go off at 3:00 AM or the subsequent repeats that followed.  One apologized to the Lord and asked for forgiveness.

One went into the bathroom, prepared it and began one praise time at 5:51 AM.  One had a hard time praying.  One’s stomach was still hurting.  One’s mind may have been on “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit” and the apostle who came to one’s mind suddenly while reading the book on 10/25/09.  One prayed for the apostle and the other individual again.  One also prayed and asked God to take it away these thoughts if this was not Him.  The thoughts remained and may be present as one may write.

One did get through praising, confessing of sins, thanking the Lord and a general prayer for the sick.  After that, one slipped into deep thought again about the apostle.  Lord Jesus, please lead and guide one into what it is you want one to do, in Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

One may have finished one special time with Jesus at 6:51 AM.  One may have gotten on the computer and went to several websites, including Face Book and WordPress.

One may have logged onto the website to pray for prayer requests around 10:15 AM.  One read the praise reports first which encouraged one.  One went on to pray for outstanding prayer requests.