I Call You Forth Into Healing, Restoration and Renewal!

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — Nov. 17, 2009:

Beloved, because of your faithful prayers and strong stand against the wiles of the devil, the pall of oppression is lifting. The light of righteousness is piercing the thick gloom of darkness. I call you forth into healing, restoration, and renewal. It is time for you to emerge from the caves and shadows where you have hidden yourselves, and come into the light of a new day, says the Lord.

Romans 13:12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.

One may have awakened at 3:00 am to the sound of the alarm.  One turned it off and re-set it for 3:20 AM.

At the sound of the second alarm, one got up and one logged onto one’s  computer to check for the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.  One read it twice, grabbed some items and headed off to one’s prayer closet.  One may have decided yesterday, to start bringing in one’s computer chair, daily logbook with a pen, and Bible.  The chair may provide much more comfort than the toilet seat lid cover.  One may wonder if the chair has been helpful in getting into the Lord’s presence.  One had not had this type of success until yesterday.  “Lord Jesus, what is the determining factor, in Jesus’ name, I pray, amen?”

One may have begun to  clean a few minutes before one’s start time.  At 3:30 AM, one began to sing.  After praising the Lord with song, one confessed one’s sins and thanked the Lord.  This may have taken one to around 4:15 AM.

One may have grabbed one’s Bible and prayed for the Lord to lead one to the scripture that He wanted one to see.  One may have opened the Bible up to Psalms 91 and been pleased with this passage.  Even if the passage is not a passage one would have chosen for oneself, one has to trust that Jesus is trying to reveal something to one, which may include one’s attitude.

After reading the passage, one may have begun to press into Jesus to get into His presence.  One may have had many thoughts.  One thought about how much time did one have left.  There was no itches that needed to be scratched which may have been unusual, just rambling thoughts.

The thoughts ceased suddenly and one knew one was there.  All of a sudden the alarm began to beep.  One thought, “Oh No!”  One did not want to wait until tomorrow to try again.  One began to pray to the Lord to allow one to stay and to pray for the outstanding prayer requests later.

So one stayed, thinking that because one had asked, the request had been granted by the Lord.  One closed one’s eyes again.  One heard sounds coming from the next room.  Not long after that one heard someone fidgeting with the washer and dryer.  Then came a knock at the door, the individual wanted the toothpaste.  One’s dog came rushing in, he needed to go outside and made it clear to one that he needed to go right then!

One gave up.  One let the dog out for a few minutes.  One then logged onto one’s computer and onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.

One may believe that one’s worship time may increase from 3:00 AM – 4:30 AM and may include weekends.  One may have thought this recently, but was reluctant to change.  One may be so tired sometimes.  Lord Jesus please give one strength, in Jesus’ name.