Come, Says The Lord, To The Places That I Have Prepared For You

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — February 22, 2010:

Have you seen My garden?  Have you been in My garden?  Have you drunk the water that comes from My garden?  Have you partaken of the fruit that grows in My garden?  For the garden was given to each one for your pleasure, for your health, for your provision and for the revelation of My word.  So, I call to you to come to My garden where all things began and where all things end.  For it is My good pleasure in this season to teach you the mysteries of the kingdom of God and to reveal to you My presence.  Come and drink fully of the waters of life.  Come and partake of the fruit of that tree that gives life.  And, let the leaves of it be for your healing and for your strength.  Come, says the Lord, to the places that I have prepared for you; come and enjoy; be renewed; be invigorated; be strengthened.   Come and be healed, says the Lord.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — February 22, 2010:

You will begin to see that things that have been held back will be released at this time. Be sensitive, and you will see that certain things that have taken a back seat, been on the back burner, or in the back ground will come forward and require your attention. For, this is the season when you can deal effectively with these issues. And, you might even say that it has been a long time coming, but in reality its time has only now fully come. And, I will give you the required wisdom, says the Lord.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

One may have awakened to the sound of the alarm.  One may have looked at the time; it may have been 3:24 AM.  For some reason, maybe exhaustion, one may have thought that one had overslept and was late for one’s prayer time with Jesus.  One may have read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin for today.  One may have been encouraged.  Thank you Jesus!

One may have entered one’s prayer closet under the assumption that one may have been late.  When one finally checked the time, it may have 3:33 AM.  Then it dawned on one that one may have been half asleep and disoriented when one may awakened.

One may have praised the Lord with song, confessed one’s sins and thanked the Lord.  One may have prayed to the Lord for a passage of scripture.  One may have been led to Job 3.  Thank you Jesus!

One may have logged onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.  Lord, thank you for answering each prayer request according to your perfect will, in Jesus’ name, one may pray, amen.