Continue On The Straight And Narrow Path

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — May 21, 2010:

Begin again as often as you need to in order to stay on track spiritually. The enemy is relentless in presenting temptations and distractions. Resist him. Stand your watch and be aware of his tactics to derail you and keep you from victory. Continue on the straight and narrow path that leads to newness of life and greater spiritual heights, and do not deviate from truth and righteousness, says the Lord.

Nahum 2:1 He who scatters has come up before your face. Man the fort! Watch the road! Strengthen your flanks! Fortify your power mightily.

One may have heard the alarm go off at 3:00 AM.  One may believe that one heard the 3:20 AM alarm and dozed back off to sleep.  One may have awakened about an hour later.  One may have been late again.  Please forgive one Lord Jesus, in Jesus’ name, one may pray, amen.

One may have logged onto one’s computer. One may have felt that one had messed up again and that it may have become the norm.  One may consistently fight to get right with Jesus and stay in His presence.

One may have opened the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin for today and may have been so encouraged.  Thank You Jesus!  One may have been pressing on lately regardless of one’s shortcomings.  Today’s bulletin may have reminded one of our Lord’s loving kindness, mercy and grace.

One may have done some things lately that may have taken one’s time from what may be really important and urgent.  Please forgive one Lord for being led astray, in Jesus’ name, one may pray, amen.

One may have entered one’s prayer closet today at 4:47 AM.  One may have praised the Lord, confessed one’s sins, thanked the Lord and prayed for a passage of scripture for today’s blog.  One may have been led to Jeremiah 52.  Thank You Jesus!

One may have logged onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.  Thank You Lord for answering each prayer request according to your perfect will, in Jesus’ name, amen.