Let the Weak Say, “I Am Strong!”

It’s All About Jesus

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin


I know that you trust Me, says the Lord, because I see your heart and know your love for Me. But now, I am opening a door of hope that will lead to the specific resolution of the issues you have been dealing with for some time. Move in the power of My Spirit and let hope rule in your heart. I am with you to become strength in your weakness. Let the weak say, “I am strong!”

Hosea 2:14-15 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her, will bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfort to her. I will give her her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor [trouble] as a door of hope; she shall sing there, as in the days of her youth, as in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.”

One may have read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin for today.  One may have been encouraged.  Thank You Jesus!

One may have entered one’s prayer closet at 3:30 AM.  One may have praised the Lord with song, confessed one’s sins, thanked the Lord and prayed for the sick.

One may have prayed for a passage of scripture for today’s blog.  One may have been led to Ephesians 4. Thank You Jesus!

One may have logged onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.  Thank You Jesus for answering each prayer request according to Your perfect will.  Amen!