Child Healed Supernaturally

The child of one’s son’s girlfriend had been allergic to our cats. When the child came into our home, the child sneezed out wads of mucus that literally attached itself to the nearest object in it’s path. The child’s eyes became itchy, red and swollen.

Recently, the child sat in a chair where the cats like to sleep and play. The child had a terrible attack. The child threw up several times. The mucus may have been coming out of the child’s nose, non-stop. The child’s eyes teared up and were swollen. The child may have been coughing and said they had trouble breathing, when asked.

One’s son took the child outside into the night’s air to get the child away from the cat-laden environment. The child threw up again while outside. Once the child became more stable, one’s son brought the child back in. One gave the child’s mother a cough strip to give to the child, to help with the coughing. One prayed for the child. One’s son prayed as well; this may have been very serious.

When one checked on the child a little while later, the child may have been asleep and may not have had any signs of ever having an episode.

On September 14, 2009, the child was holding one of the cats. The child may not have had any symptoms. One was amazed by what one was seeing. One said to the child, “You’re not coughing, your nose is not running, I believe Jesus has healed you.” One took the cat away and gave it back; still no symptoms whatsoever.

One took the child to one’s daughter to show them what Jesus had done. The child said that God had healed them. The child may be 4 years old. One’s daughter said something negative. One immediately spoke against the negative statement and proclaimed the healing. One asked one’s daughter to call the child’s mother and to share what had just taken place.

The child had begun to cough and one thought, “Uh Oh!” One took the child into the bathroom, just in case they were going to throw up. The child’s eyes may have been a little irritated. One prayed. One believed that the child had been healed and that Satan may have been trying to convince the child and one otherwise. One demonstrated faith, believing that the child was healed. The child stopped coughing and may have been fine.

When the child’s mother came to the house, the child held one of the cats to demonstrate that God had healed them. The child’s mother said, “Look at your eyes, they look like the elephant man’s eyes.”  One may not have thought so and wondered, “What is this?”  One’s son said something about the child sneezing and getting mucous everywhere.  One said, “He has not sneezed once.”

Shortly thereafter, the child may have begun to rub their eyes. While in bed the child may have sneezed and mucous shot out. It may have been the only sneeze throughout the whole ordeal.

One fought against the unbelief that may have been permeating from those around the child. One said, “Jesus could do very few miracles in His hometown because of their unbelief.”

One may have consistently encouraged those around one, not to speak negatively into the child’s situation. One said that life and death were in the tongue. One believed that Satan was trying to steal this blessing. One had been determined to share what may have been happening in the spiritual, with those around one.

By the time the child had gone to bed, one eye may have been quite puffy and both eyes may have been watering. The child looked as if they had been in a battle. One told the child that they were healed, in spite of what one was seeing.

Yesterday, the child may have had an occasional sneeze, once in a while. Today, September 16, 2009, the child may be doing well. The child may consistently want to hold or be around the cats. The child said yesterday, “I am not allergic to cats anymore.” The child’s mother shared this morning that the child said, “Jesus healed him.”

Thank you Jesus!

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