God is so good! One may have been led to the website that Choo Thomas created for our free reading of her book Heaven Is So Real! One may believe that the URL had been changed from what was in the original email from Choo Thomas. This morning one thought to post the correct link on this page. One came to the site and updated some of one’s testimonies that had errors. The thought kept coming to post the correct website address for Heaven Is So Real by Choo Thomas. One could not remember the link so one cut and pasted the URL that Choo Thomas gave in the email. One changed the .com extension to .org and voila, the website was before one. Thank You Father, Jesus, Holy Spirt for leading one to the correct site and to make the change in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Correct URL:

Posted by Yona Quinn on October 10, 2014

Alternative link to read this amazing book!  Heaven Is So Real!

Posted by Yona Quinn on August 26, 2012


Dear Christ’s Followers,

It is with great pleasure to inform you that new Heaven is so Real, Book website is launched today with new look and possible translations.

Please read it or send above website address to those who have not yet read it, because only little time left behind for Jesus return (rapture). For more read visit here

So share Christ’s book with your loveones, friends and colleagues by just forwarding this email to them. Nobody knows your few clicks can save lives of those who are going to Hell.

In Christ
Choo Thomas

Posted by Yona Quinn on January 06, 2012