Kingdom Power

In the early morning hours of July 14, 2009 while sleeping, one had a dream.  One may have been inside of a house and had gone into one of the rooms.

As one walked through the room, demonic forces pulled at one’s hands, attempting to hinder one from going forward. Each time, one managed to break free from the grip of the demons as one continued to proceed forward. One may have exited the room without much effort.

Once outside of the room, one began to speak in tongues; it just happened without any forethought.  There may have been a quick powerful roll of the tongue with righteous anger and authority.

One may have gone back inside the room while speaking in tongues. One may have begun to speak in tongues with such a powerful force that demons in the room began to flee.  The windows that were aligned at the top of the room burst open as the demonic forces fled through them.

One began to speak louder in tongues; more demons may have fled.  The more one may have spoken, the more they may have fled.

One waved one’s arms in a sweeping motion, left to right, more demons fled.  One waved one’s arms in a sweeping motion in the opposite direction; still, more demons fled. There was such a great power of God that flowed from one’s hands as one waved them that it seemed to force the demons out even more.  The demons had to flee.

Afterwards, one found oneself outside the room and in the kitchen of the home.  One’s son came in with a friend whom one may not have seen before but one understood the individual to be the friend of one’s son’s friend. One told one’s son what had happened. Then one may have awakened from this powerful dream.

One may believe that one’s son and the friend were really demons in the dream. Demons may appear as loved ones in one’s dreams.  When the word of God is spoken, the demons may reveal themselves.

This may be where Satan may attack one, in one’s dreams.  This may be where one may be vulnerable, yet God had other plans this day.  The devil and his demons could not touch one, they had to flee.  Thank you Jesus!

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