Obey My Leading

One received the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin for this particular day.  One may not have known that God had giving one a warning as well as help for what would occur the very next day.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — June 11, 2009:

Be a watchman! Stand on the rampart and pay attention to what I am showing you by My Spirit, says the Lord. As soon as you see, then take steps to obey My leading, and I will move you quickly into a spiritual flow that will cause you to accomplish My purposes. However, you must be aware that the enemy is creating havoc in your circumstances to steal your peace and activate your emotional responses. If he can get you to allow your soul to drive you, then you will miss the mark. I cannot lead if you do not follow. You must choose to allow Me to direct your steps.

Proverbs 3:5-8 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones.

On June 12, 2009, one had gone to the vet to get flea medication for one’s dog and cat. One proceeded to the barbershop to pick up an item from an individual. One stopped by one’s father’s home and visited with him, just long enough.  One went home, got the dog and waited for an individual to bring one’s grandson home.

When the child arrived, we took the dog to the groomer.  Then we proceeded to the store to do one’s weekly grocery shopping.  While there, one did not know what to buy for dinner.  One asked the Lord which items to get.  One’s grandson began to speak and said, “Pasta, pasta and shrimp.”  One knew that it was the Lord and that He wanted one to buy items to make Shrimp Alfredo.  He may have given one help with other dinner items as well.

One proceeded to the checkout counter to pay for one’s groceries.  One had gone over the amount that had been allotted for one to spend.  One said to the cashier, “I have to put something back.”  The cashier said, “Why don’t you put the soap back?”  One knew that it was the Lord again and one obeyed.

On one’s way out of the store, one ran into a classmate.  We talked briefly. One had witnessed to this individual in the past, so one moved on quickly.

While loading the groceries into the car, one got a call from one’s daughter.  One’s daughter informed one that the groomer called and that the dog was ready for pick up.  One was not aware of the exact time, yet one knew that one had to pick up the dog before the groomer closed.  One finished loading the groceries and closed the car trunk door.

One noticed a white van coming down the next row.  One saw that the person sitting on the passenger side looked just like one’s eldest sister.  One knew that it was not one’s sister; one’s sister may live in another city and state. One’s sister’s face had been superimposed over the individual’s face. God was revealing this individual’s name to one which was one’s sister’s name.

One pulled out of one’s parking space and proceeded to leave.  The same white van backed out of its parking space and blocked one temporarily.  The van straightened itself out as it pulled back into the parking space.  One knew that it was the Lord and that He had something that He wanted one to do concerning this individual.

One drove to the end of the row of cars and waited for the individual to get out of the van. While one was waiting, a young man who was an employee at the store was looking directly at one.  One sensed this individual urging one to do something besides just sitting there.  The individual continued to just stare at one.

The individual on the driver side got out of the van. While waiting for the individual on the passenger side, one began to get impatient and had a strong desire to leave and pick up the dog from the groomer. One heard an inner voice say, “Turn right and go around.”  One turned left, leaving the scene.  One looked in one rear view mirror and saw the two individuals from the van walking across the road.  One also noticed that there had been a car waiting behind one as well.

One let one’s flesh rule and one missed the mark.  One said to the Lord that one would do it next time and that one had to get the dog.  Not long after leaving the scene, a sense of regret set in. One realized soon after, that the task at hand was not optional.

Also, one had a brand new four pack of soap at home.  Thank You Jesus!

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