Your Only Place Of Escape Is In Me, Says The Lord

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — 11/25/2011:

You live in times of great evil and adversity. Your only place of escape is in Me, says the Lord. You must come and hide yourself in truth and righteousness so that the enemy cannot touch you and nothing can dissuade you from My purposes and your life in Me. This is a deliberate commitment and takes effort to maintain, but I will give you the help and strength you need. Don’t get caught up in the issues of life and worldly concerns; keep eternal focus.

Psalms 27:5 For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock.

One may have begun to praise the Lord with song with song at 5:47 AM. One may have really overslept.  Please forgive one Lord Jesus.  One may have confessed one’s sins, thanked the Lord and prayed for a passage of scripture for today.  One may have been led to1 Chronicles 4 – The Prayer of Jabez.  Thank You Jesus!

One may have read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin for today and may have been encouraged.  Thank You Jesus!

One may not have prayed for the outstanding prayer requests today.