A Chosen Generation!

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Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — October 12, 2009:

Is it not written that you are a chosen generation?  A generation of royal priests; a generation of kings who rule and reign with Me in My kingdom, says the Lord? For those things that have been written about the end of the age will now come fully into your life.  So reposition yourself with the understanding that you are living in the greatest days of the church.  You are living in the time and the function of the divine decree that you shall fully possess the kingdom of Almighty God.   You are a glorious generation, a generation that shall come to a fuller understanding of who I am.   So this day rise up and ascend in your faith.  Leave behind all confusion and all doubt and come boldly before My throne so that you might hear My words; so that you might be drawn unto Me; so that I might make you again into a fit vessel for this day.  Come with expectation and hope and divine power will overshadow you and your faith will be amplified in that moment, says the Lord.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — October 12, 2009:

In a dream I bought a helicopter for someone. It was fun and easy to use, but the person I bought it for was afraid she would crash it. I landed it in a field next to a house where there was some kind of political meeting. I was thinking if I could find her I could urge her to fly the helicopter, but she wasn’t there. I tried to leave the meeting, but found that once people came into the room the doors locked and they couldn’t get out. I had to wait for the next person to come in so I could slip out when the door was open. I got back in the helicopter, and was flying about 12 feet off the ground when I spotted a big bear and her cub below. The bear kept jumping up and tried to knock me out of the air, but it didn’t work. I just flew away.

Interpretation: The helicopter symbolizes moving in the Spirit — it’s fun and easy, but some people are afraid. The political meeting represents people who get trapped in church politics — it’s really hard to escape it, but possible. The bear is symbolic of the devil doing his best to bring us down, but he will not get the job done.

One may have awakened this morning to the sound of the alarm of one’s phone going off.  One may have tried to get up.  One’s whole body ached.  “Lord what is this?”  One may have been suffering from stress from one’s grandchildren and the trials of life.    

One may have gone immediately into the bathroom to prepare it.  One may have finished up at 3:26 AM.  One left to go read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.

One returned to the bathroom and started on time at 3:30 AM.  One sang one song to the Lord and began to thank Him.  One sung a few more songs, then thanked the Lord some more.  One may have confessed one’s sin and then prayed for the sick.  One used the remaining time praying in tongues with one’s eyes closed.  One may have heard noises and opened one’s eyes briefly.

At 4:30 AM, the alarm went off again.  One may have left the bathroom immediately.  One may have signed up to be a Mighty Warrior Intercessor and it may have been time for one to begin praying for individuals.  Thank you Jesus!

Today one may have put the video “Heaven Is So Real!” by author Choo Thomas on one’s blog page.  One may have decided to create another page for this video under the title “Videos: Heaven/Hell.”  When one checked the page ID to have it display under this heading, it may have been ID number 666.  One thought, WOW!  One may believe that the Lord is cosigning this video being on this blog.  Thank you Jesus!  Please watch this video, it’s His testimony, He orchestrated it!  Hallelujah!