For I See The Hearts Of My Intercessors And I Hear The Earnestness Of Your Prayers

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — Dec. 10, 2009:

Watch and discern, for I see the hearts of My intercessors and I hear the earnestness of your prayers. I will manifest My gift of faith through you. And, you will know that your prayers are not issuing forth from human faith but a divine faith that requires an answer. I am elevating your focus so that you can see through My eyes and pray according to My will, says the Lord. You will also enter the realm of greater expectation as you move in divine purpose.

1 Corinthians 12:7-11 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills..

One may have been awakened by the alarm at 3:00 AM.  One may have may have hit snooze on one’s cell phone several times.  One may have gotten up and proceeded to the computer.  Upon logging on, one may have looked for the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.

One may have been anxious to hear what the Lord had to say.  The messages may be totally Jesus and the warnings and help the Lord gives may come to pass.

One may have been under extreme circumstances for a while.  Yesterday one may have set out to do what one said, “Do nothing.”  One may have handled a few situations through out the day.

One may have had a situation with an individual where hearts and concerns were expressed.  Before walking away, one may have expressed forgiveness and unconditional love.  One may not have had any ill feelings toward the individual and wanted them to know that one may love them.  One may have given several individuals hugs followed by apologies and one’s desire for blessings in their lives.  One and the individuals may be totally free.

One may have tried to share spiritual things with an individual who may have discernment.  The individual may not have wanted to discuss anything.  One thought, “I am alone; I have nobody who I can talk to.”

One remembered the recent messages from the Lord to get the focus off of oneself and to keep one’s eyes on Him.  The enemy was using, self-hatred, self-deprecation, guilt, shame, rejection, fear, and loneliness as a temptation to pull one away from the Him.  One saw that one may have been falling into the trap of the enemy through one’s circumstances and focusing on oneself and not on Jesus.

One may have read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin and may have been glad.  Things that may be going on in one’s life and the lives of others that may be contrary to the ways of the Lord, one may simply pray for the Lord to change them, to give us new hearts to understand with, ears that hear and eyes that see.

One may intercede for the things that may take place in one’s home.  This is how one may get the victory.  One cannot fight in the flesh, which causes strife and division but fight through prayer with Jesus interceding for us always.

One may have begun one’s special time with Jesus by praise with songs, confessing one’s sins and praying for the sick.  One may have thanked the Lord.  One may be so grateful for the help He has given one.

One may have asked the Lord to lead one to a scripture for oneself or for someone else who may read this message.  One may have been led to Psalm 104.  Thank you Jesus.

One may have left one’s prayer closet a few minutes after 4:30 AM.  One may have logged onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.  One may have been sleepy and had to fight one’s way through.  Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing and answering each prayer according to your perfect will, in Jesus’ name, amen.

The Season Of Blessing Is Upon You

It’s All About Jesus!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

THE TRUMPET by Bill Burns — December 7, 2009:

I want you, My people, to receive the gift of My love. Knowing My love will set you free and position you to receive the blessing of the new year. So, set yourself to pursue My love. Set yourself to know My presence, for in blessing I will bless you. The season of blessing is upon you. Come and enjoy. Come and receive, says the Lord.

SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — Dec. 7, 2009:

Beloved, if you are willing and open to My direction, I will re-establish some old, foundational truths on a higher level so they will come alive in you and become fresh bread. Distractions abound, and you could miss this opportunity if you don’t make yourself available to Me. You must come aside be quiet enough in your soul so that you can hear Me, says the Lord.

John 4:32 But He said to them, “I have food to eat of which you do not know. Therefore the disciples said to one another, “Has anyone brought Him anything to eat?” Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work.”

One may have awakened to the alarm going off at 3:00 AM.  One may have lain there for a few minutes.  One may have decided to do a few things before heading to one’s prayer closet.

One may have read the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin.  One may have been blessed.  The prophecy given by Marsha Burns reminded one of the Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin message one had received on June 11, 2009, that came to pass on June 12, 2009.

One may wonder how this prophecy will manifest itself.  One may be cautious, watching for distractions and trying to still one’s spirit.  One may not want to miss this opportunity.

One may have begun praising the Lord at 3:30 AM with song.  One confessed one’s sins, thanked the Lord, prayed for the sick and ended one’s prayer time with a song.

At 4:30 AM, one left one’s prayer closet and logged onto the website to pray for outstanding prayer requests.